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Where Should I Go for Banner Printing in New York?

Posted: October 10th, 2013 in ,,

Banner Printing in New York

So your business is having a huge sale in a couple weeks. Or maybe you’ve rented a featured booth at next month’s industry tradeshow. A grand opening? A last-minute event that starts in two days? If you have found yourself in any of these (and many more) scenarios, one of the main pieces of promotional material you will need is a giant, vividly-colored banner that screams your message from the hilltops. Because let’s be honest, if nobody sees your message, it’s like it never existed. But where should you go for banner printing in New York if you are looking for high quality, great prices, and timely digital printing?

Here are a few important factors you should look for when trying to find the best digital printing company to do your banner printing in New York:

1. A digital printing company on the forefront of technology: This is extremely important for a number of reasons, starting with the simple fact that better quality digital printers produce better results. For that reason alone, when you are looking to have a banner printed in New York, you want to develop a relationship with a digital printing company that always stays updated when it comes to technology. Take Influence Graphics, a digital printing company in NYC that does all of their large-format printing on cutting-edge machines like the Océ LightJet 430. This machine produces the highest digital C image quality available, and does so in short times frames and at affordable prices.

2. A good track record: There’s no getting around it, past performance is a great indicator of future performance. This holds true for most things in life, including digital printing companies. So when you are looking for banner printing in New York, try to go with a company that has had past success. One great way to determine this is to check online review sites and see what past customers are saying. An even better way would be to see which New York digital printers have been awarded for their performance in the past, such as by being included on Quick Printing’s annual “Top 100 List” of printers, a distinction Influence Graphics has achieved two years in a row.

3. A partnership: No matter what business you are in, you will probably have a need for printed materials multiple times throughout the year. That may start with a banner printing job, but it will likely include other things such as business cards. There also may come a day where you need something printed ultra-fast or in an extremely specific way. Those are the times when you need an NYC digital printing company who views you as a partner instead of just an account. A company that will go above and beyond to get you what your business needs quickly, efficiently, and at a fair price.

4. Versatility: Yes, when you are looking for the best banner printing in New York, you want to find a company that meets all of the above characteristics. But they also must have the processes in place, along with the creativity, to figure out how to get what you need done. In a lot of cases, that starts with rush jobs. Let’s say you just found out about an event that is taking place in two days, and you are going to need a banner, some pamphlets, and a few other things printed before then. Some digital printing companies in New York just don’t have the capability to get it done, even if they’d like to help you out. But top companies like Influence Graphics have the technology, personnel, and processes in place to get you what you need, when you need it. And more than anything else, that’s the most important characteristic you should look for in a New York digital printing company.


For some more information about banner printing in New York, check out www.influencegraphics.com or call them at 212-354-6123.

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