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Promote Your NYC Business By Printing a Tips Booklet

Posted: April 15th, 2013 in ,

Printing a Tips Booklet

Businesses in the Big Apple are finding it harder than ever to get the attention of potential customers. With the ever-increasing amount of marketing messages New Yorkers are subjected to combined with advertising rates seemingly an all-time high, companies operating in the media headquarters of the world are forced to find new ways to market their goods or services in a way that won’t break the bank but will still get their sales pitch out to their target audience.

One overlooked method of marketing your operation in New York city is the little used but highly strategic promotional tool known as tips booklet printing. NYC brick-and-mortar businesses in particular are in excellent position to take advantage of this technique because there are so many potential customers in a predefined geographical area within Manhattan Island that distributing these types of booklets is far more cost-effective than other types of advertising channels such as TV, radio, direct mail, etc.

What is a Tips Booklet
Tips booklets are small (usually 10 pages or less) publications packed with useful ideas, techniques and strategies that a business or entrepreneur can use to better accomplish certain tasks. Its ultimate purpose is to educate a business’s customers and potential customers due to it being created in such a way that a marketing message is woven seamlessly into the booklet’s pages. Hopefully, a company’s customers will refer to it again and again and each time they do they’ll remember the company publishing the booklet. Think of it as the ultimate form of relationship marketing.

Benefits of a Tips Booklet
Tips booklets work well for any type of business, no matter whether it sells products or services. These types of booklets are extremely useful as a promotional tool because they have staying power that other marketing mediums (i.e. business cards, brochures, etc.) just don’t have, especially if they are designed with valuable information using sturdy printing materials that will last a long time. It’s these qualities that make tips booklet a recession-proof marketing tool. Remember, people like to be guided through their purchases by an expert. Tips booklets can make you such an expert.

Ideas For a Tips Booklet
Without getting too vague, any time you have a message that you feel is worth keeping, think of it as perfect subject to write a tips booklet about. The more practical or “how to” content you can put in the booklet, the better. The most common idea for a tips booklet is to offer a solid solution to an everyday concern, especially if the answer is overlooked or forgotten by most people. These answers can be in the form of as a FAQ’s (i.e. Frequently Asked Questions) or in the form of a case story where you lay out a step-by-step allegory of what you did to solve one of your customers business-related problems. To this end, a tips booklet allows you to give all the necessary details of the answer, especially in those cases where you sell a product or service that requires a lot of thought on the part of the customer who needs to read and re-read its benefits before making a purchase.

Since booklets build credibility while educating your target audience in a way that no other type of sales literature can, consider using them as a way of giving your business’s marketing effort a boost in the arm. To that end, if you’re looking for a dependable Manhattan booklet printing service, your first move should be to call Influence Graphics at (212) 354-6123 to thoroughly discuss all the printing options for your tips booklet.

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