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Brochures Still an Important Part of Business Marketing

Posted: October 15th, 2012 in ,,

NYC’s Influence Graphics explains the importance of brochure printing for business advertising

In the age of social media and online advertising, it can be easy to overlook that faithful old stalwart of marketing, the brochure. But it’s not yet time to retire the go-to local business advertising tool. New York City’s leading print shop explains why.

Brochures are simple, informative, and easy to distribute –When done correctly, brochures contain all the pertinent information of a business in an eye-catching package. A brochure provides potential customers the necessary details of a company – products available, the benefits of patronizing your business, contact and location information – on one page that fits into a purse or pocket.

If desired, brochures can be tailored to a specific product or service. In some cases, they can be used as a coupon or for a customer discount, helping to create walk-in traffic. They’re easily distributable, whether it’s handing them out at a trade show, delivering them to area residences, or sending them to a mailing list. And unlike internet marketing, they’re easy to design, inexpensive to produce, and simple to update.

Brochures bring clients to your internet presence – So you’ve spent tons of money on a carefully designed, hip-looking internet and social media presence, and now you’re wondering how to drive potential customers to your flashy new site? One of the best ways to get people interested in the online world you’ve created for your printing brochures nyccompany is to reach them in the real world first. Many internet users ignore online ads entirely and delete e-mail advertisements without reading them. A brochure is a tangible connection to a business that customers can hold in their hand and may keep indefinitely. Including your internet information is a great way to direct these people to your sites.

Brochures generate local traffic –  Any user across the world can see your website or online advertisement, but how does this help you if the product or service you provide is local in nature? Brochures can be targeted to people in your geographical location through multiple avenues of distribution in a way that online marketing can’t replicate. A Brooklyn pizzeria will get much more business from a zip-code circulated brochure than an online ad that displays to people across the country.

Brochures remain one of the most cost effective and successful ways to advertise, and any business needs a professionally designed and printed brochure to help stay competitive. New York City’s Influence Graphics provides brochure design and print services to businesses of all sizes across the tri-state area. Our high quality local New York City print shop offers the flexibility to print any type of brochure you need at both short runs and long runs, and is available to provide rush orders.

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