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Digital Printing in New York City

Posted: September 26th, 2012 in ,,,,

New York City is know for a lot of things (Broadway, Wall Street, Madison Ave., and oh yea, Influence Graphics!).  New York City is also the city that never sleeps and as such, a city that never slows down.  Things happen here at a different pace than other cities.  If you drive the streets of NYC in the wee hours of the night you will see all kinds of business activity going on.  In fact, if you drive by Influence Graphics you’d see the lights are on and the print shop is humming.  We run 24 hours a day printing overnight printing nyceverything from overnight business cards, postcards, rush brochures, fashion look books, large format posters, vinyl banners, trade show graphics and much more.  80 percent of the custom printing jobs that come into Influence Graphics on a daily basis get printed overnight and delivered to our customers as the sun comes up.  New York City is a highly competitive place and in order to make it here in New York City you need to work hard at staying one step ahead of the competition.  If your competition changes pricing or introduces a new product or service you want the ability to respond.  In the past companies developed a brochure about their products and services and then went to a printer and printed thousands of copies of that brochure because they were told that once the plates for the press were made it didn’t cost much more to print 10,000 copies as opposed to 5,000 copies.  That ‘s because the up front cost of making the plates is a one time expense as is the labor cost of loading the plates on the printing press and getting the press “inked up”.  Once that “make ready” work/expense is done, running more paper through a press that runs at speeds above 10,000 sheets on hour was cheap. 

It is estimated that 31% of all printed material is thrown away because it has become outdated! 

Today businesses want more flexibility with their printing needs in order to be able to keep the information in their company brochures and marketing materials fresh and current.  If you have 10,000 copies of your marketing materials on a shelf collecting dust and your competitor makes a major price change or new product announcement and you want to respond you have to throw out those 10,000 copies and print new materials.  In the long run that is not neither cost effective nor is it environmentally friendly. It certainly is not green printing! This is the reason that digital printing is changing the way businesses print their marketingrush printing new york citymaterials.  With digital printing you can print what you need for your immediate needs, update your design files as needed and print a fresh batch of brochures quickly.  Their are no plates to be made on a digital printing press, their is no “make ready” of running hundreds of wasted sheets of paper through the press to get it “inked up”.  The first printed copy to come out of a digital press is as perfect as all the copies that follow.  Digital printing is green printing but it’s also a smarter way of doing business.  Today’s business entrepreneurs understand that change happens quickly in business and digital printing allows them to stay competitive.  Overnight digital printing is available at Influence Graphics and because we are a local New York City printer, businesses don’t have to wait days nor pay large shipping fees to get their rush printing back to them.

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