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Even in Modern Times, Having a Business Card is Still Vital

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Business Card Printing

There have been many giant steps taken in technology over the past decade that have significantly affected how businesses market and promote themselves. And with the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the lines between marketing and networking have been further blurred. Smartphones make it easier to exchange information on the fly as well. But even with all of these changes in technology, there is still a need for some of the business tools that have been around for generations. Foremost amongst these are business cards, and if you want your business and its employees to be taken seriously in the marketplace, it is vital that you have a great one.

A lot of people think that all business cards and business card printing companies are created equally. Years ago, that may have been somewhat accurate. But nowadays, it couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why when it is time for your new business cards, you should take a careful look at which business card printing companies have the foresight to combine this traditional business tool with new technology in order to give you the options you need to make your business stand out. Here are a few areas you may want to look into when selecting a business card printing company:

Digital Printing Technology
Modern times have not only brought us things like social media and smartphones, but they have also brought us significant improvements in digital printing equipment. Which press your business card printing company uses can make a huge difference in both the options you have for your cards, and the quality level they are printed at. For example, there is a noticeable difference between cards that are printed on an early digital printer versus cards printed on the cutting-edge HP Indigo Digital Offset Press that is used by modern companies such as Influence Graphics. This amazing press is able to combine the quality of true offset printing with the convenience of short run digital printing, bringing you the best of both worlds. Because of HP’s unique ElectroInk, the colors come out perfect every time, resulting in business cards that are consistently beautiful.

Options to Make You Stand Out
Once upon a time, business cards all looked basically the same. A 2 x 3 ½ rectangle, in some shade of white, printed with black lettering, one didn’t really stand out from the next. But that is no longer the case. People realized that standing out from the competition is necessary, and in many cases their business card is the perfect place to do that. For that reason, you should always make sure to check the different card options that are available when you are researching business card printing companies. Some modern options you may want to look for in your business cards are: unique sizes, rounded edges, die cut shapes, and of course, the ability to print vivid colors. With these options at your business card printing company’s disposal, you will definitely be able to stand out from the competition.

Orders On Demand
For a long time, business card printing companies required orders by the thousand. Not only that, but you often had to wait weeks to get your cards back from the printer. But now, companies that are up-to-date on modern technology and printing practices are able to solve both of these problems. Print on demand specialists like Influence Graphics allow you to order just the number of business cards that you need now, reducing the chances of having to throw away already-printed cards that become obsolete. And if you select a business card printing company that is fully modernized, you can get your cards printed for you overnight, or in some cases even same day!

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