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Personalize Your Business with Custom Printing

Posted: June 13th, 2013 in ,,

Custom Printing

It seems like New York City small business owners are constantly struggling in an ongoing effort to maintain relevancy in an ever changing business climate. Not only are their marketing budgets severely stretched to the point where they they can barely maintain market share but it often seems like they have zero chance of gaining new customers via penetrating into the mind of their target clientele. Without owning a sizable chunk of this collective customer base, a small business will forever stay on the outside looking in.

Thankfully, there is something small businesses can do to secure new customers while at the same time maintaining existing ones and that is to improve their consumer awareness position through Influence Graphics’s Manhattan-based custom printing services. By manipulating the page size, paper type, ink type, folding, printed side, binding, and other specialty printing features of a printed piece, we can help personalize your promotional campaigns by incorporating special printing capabilities into your materials.

The print finishing options associated with customized printing are almost limitless but the benefits as a marketing tool can be categorized into the following four categories;

Custom Printing Creates Legitimacy Large-size businesses have huge advertising campaigns which help to legitimize them in the minds of the public whereas small businesses have to settle for finding ways to squeeze the most juice out of their marketing dollar. Customized printing can make this happen by giving your small business a big appearance, one that says your company is worthy of their trust. First impressions are also the strongest impressions with potential customers and nothing makes a better impression than displaying a wide selection of personalized office materials from embossed letterhead to a foil stamped, four color brochure. No matter how small your New York business is, materials using customized printing techniques take your business to a new level.

Custom Printing Builds Your Brand One of the hardest achievements for any small business is the concept of branding, which is a fancy way of getting people to remember their company in relation to its given product/service. Not only is branding essential for any successful company but studies shown that consumers will purchase from a brand they recognize more easily than from a brand they don’t remember. Consequently, the more potential customers remember your printed materials, the more they will trust your company and make a purchase. To recap, custom printing improves recognition; recognition improves trust; trust improves sales.

Custom Printing Means More Eyeballs Your printed marketing materials have an advantage over traditional print or online advertising because they have a tendency to be seen multiple times by the same person. The more sets of eyeballs you have see your marketing message, the more it will be remembered, recognized, trusted and acted upon (i.e. results in a sale). The higher the number of people you put your marketing materials in front of consumers, the greater the likelihood that your brand will resonate in the minds of said consumers and the more successful your company will be.

Custom Printing Enables Targeted Marketing As effective as a marketing tool that custom printing is, it’s real power comes when it’s combined with variable data printing (i.e. changing a printed piece’s text, graphics and images from piece to piece using information from a database). Using these techniques together creates a marketing piece that potential customers will more likely remember because it’s been individualized to their own specific age, gender, business, etc. Studies have shown that direct mailing pieces which use variable data printing increase response rates by a factor of seven to eight times simplyy because it talks to the prospect in a language they relate to and in a way they will remember.

Influence Graphics recognizes the pivotal role we can play in bringing custom printing to New York City businesses in all its formats so we’ll work especially hard to ensure that all of your custom printed materials are of a manner that will professionally represent your company. Contact our expert customer service department at (212) 354-6123 for more details.

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