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Advantages of Full-Color Printing

Posted: April 24th, 2013 in ,,

Full-Color Printing

Commercial printers are called upon by businesses to produce professional and innovative printed materials for their clients, helping them to promote their goods and services through the use of printed documents. However, to really take advantage of everything that commercial printers offer, all one has to do is take a look at the differences between those materials printed using black and white and those printed using full-color. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s for a business document or a school project, full-color gets and keeps people’s attention longer than black and white does.

To prove this, imagine going to a supermarket where there is a bulletin board with several flyers tacked onto it in which only one flyer is printed in color. Which flyer do you think most people’s eyes are going to be drawn? The flyer made using full-color, right?

Full color printingThe reason our eyes are drawn to full-color advertisements rather than black-and-white is something marketers have known for decades and that is that first impressions last. In the modern world of competitive business marketing, everything is all about first impressions whether it’s a brief glance at a supermarket flyer, the first few seconds of a TV commercial or the opening sentence of a sales pitch, first impressions go far in making or breaking any type of promotional campaign.

Full color printing has several advantages over black and white color schemes and print advertisements. For one thing, certain colors trigger different types of emotional reactions such as bright red signifying activity while light blue communicates peaceful serenity. Black and white’s simplicity does have some value in the design of marketing materials but nothing catches your potential customers eyes more effectively than using eye-popping, full-color printing.

When it comes to association of objects, a person’s visual perception is the most important sense when it comes to recall. Smart marketing personnel take advantage of this fact and use full-color printing and advertisements to increase their company brand’s exposure and visibility to its target market. Not only does color printing reduce the chance that your marketing message will be lost due to dull, lifeless images but your printed document is less likely to be skipped over or ignored by customers who are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages per day.

So long as you use the right printing materials and techniques, full-color will retain its vibrancy long into the future thereby giving businesses more bang for its marketing dollar by allowing them to take advantage of this longevity in its printed materials, especially those items that you want to be viewed repeatedly such as brochures, business cards, calendars, etc.

It’s for all the reasons above that savvy marketers and business owners are increasingly relying on full-color commercial printing services to get their messages across. Not only have they seen the benefits full-color printing houses of advertising materials but they know that only commercial printers can provide the type of quality full-color printing standards they’ve come to expect. Factor in that only these types of printers have the resources and equipment to achieve quick turnaround times as well as advice on professional design concepts and one has to wonder why any business would assign their printing needs to in-house personnel.

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