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Digital Printing Is Fast, Economical & Eco Friendly

Posted: April 29th, 2013 in ,,,

Digital Printing

It’s not unusual for print buyers to be confused when it comes to choosing between traditional offset printing or modern digital printing. While there are print projects that require offset printing services (most notably for jobs requiring large numbers of copies or requiring paper 18″ or bigger), digital printing has three distinct advantages over the offset process; it’s faster, usually cheaper and more Earth-friendly.

Printing That’s On Demand & In Time
Because digital printing has eliminated some of the time-consuming stages offset printing requires, digital printing is incredibly fast making it ideal for print buyers that have rush printing projects with tight deadlines. Offset printing has a much slower turnaround time due to the fact that an offset press requires a complete “make ready” after each use; this type of printing does not allow you the luxury of seeing finished printed materials within minutes as a digital press does.

In addition, modern digital printing technology will also save the print buyer time because it allows one to easily alter a printing project’s images, colors and text during the printing process without slowing the process down. Known as ‘Variable Data Printing, this feature allows each printed page to be customized with unique data such as with printing direct mailing pieces that are printed to include individual names and/or addresses from a database.

Digital = Savings
Because time is money, a faster printing process is in itself a money-saving mechanism. On this level, digital printing saves the print buyer money due to the fact that traditional offset printing frequently requires a lot of ‘test prints’ resulting in a 5% to 10% waste of paper just to get the colors properly registered (i.e. up to acceptable densities.) All this extra downtime of the printing press is an expense that is passed on to the print buyer but with on-demand digital printing, the first print is an accurate representation of the entire run. Because it’s take so much longer to set up the press for a job, the offset print process raises the individual price per unit for short runs making digital printing far more cost-effective for low-volume print orders.

The Digital Age Is Green
While all aspects of the printing industry have become more echo-friendly due to improved technology, digital is making earth-friendly printing a reality as it dramatically reduces the amount of harmful chemicals, pollutants and waste that lithography printing creates. Digital printing machines do not use chemicals, spray powders and cleaning solvent like offset presses do as the liquid toner they use has little or no volatile organic compound (i.e. VOCs). Because they produced less VOCs, digital printing presses don’t need the same extensive ventilation that the offset process does which reduces their energy requirements. Finally, you can use a wide selection of recycled and FSC-certified paper stock with digital printing.

It’s important to point out that not every commercial printing company that does digital printing is the same. For instance, not all digital press machines may be capable of producing the level of print quality a project requires while other digital machines may be designed only for specific types of applications and therefore will be less cost-effective than others. This is why print buyers should always describe their project’s specific requirements to their printer so that whichever service they hire uses the printing technology that best suits their print project’s needs.

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