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Recycling Make You Consume More?

Posted: March 12th, 2013 in ,

An interesting article on Mother Nature Network highlights research done by Journal of Consumer Psychology which indicates that people who know a paper product is going to be recycled tend to use more of that product.  The author of the study writes  “we propose that the ability to recycle may lead to increased resource usage compared to when a recycling option is not available.”  The author goes on to say their paper has potential implications for further research and for policy-making, such as whether or not recycling should be available in certain situations.

This makes us wonder about the impact of placing FSC certified paper logos (or other environmental certification organizations) on brochures printed using recycled paper. Many of our customers request printing on recycled paper with a high percentage of post consumer content (almost all paper has some recycled content) and the also like the fact that digital printing is inherently a green process with little waste as a by product.  At Influence Graphics we offer a wide variety of recycled papers and recycle all of our paper and metal waste.



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