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Make It Personal With Canvas Printing

Posted: June 04th, 2013 in ,,

Canvas Printing

For hundreds of years, canvas has been the preferred choice for artists who wish to reproduce their ideas. Now however, modern printing technology allows one to easily and economically create profound images on canvas even though they never picked up a paintbrush or don’t know the difference between an oil painting and an oil rig. It’s called Canvas Printing and refers to the process by where an image from a photograph is transferred onto a canvas resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece which makes an unforgettable impact in a home or office. As New York’s premier canvas printing company, Influence Graphics is seeing these types of personal prints becoming increasingly popular with our customers as they are a great alternative to the traditional method of displaying personal photographs. It allows everyday images to be turned into works of art. Using digital photos reproduced on canvas is also a great way to make a personal statement or to show off your individual decorating flair.

Our Process

The process begins when a customer sends or drops off their digital photos to us which we transfer onto artist-quality canvas and hand back to them, perfect for mounting on a wall using a gallery-wrapped frame similar to the canvas prints used by artists and hung for display in museums all over the world. We are able to produce canvas prints in a maximum of 68 inches in width and pretty much any length requested by a customer. These prints are created using digital printing inkjet technology enabling it to be completed quite quickly. Once the printing process is completed, our customers are given a choice of receiving their print via a loose canvas or stretched so it doesn’t need a frame in order to be displayed. To ensure durability and quality, we only use UV inks as they not only produce bright, vivid prints but are resistance to fading from sunlight and damage from handling, thus ensuring that it will last a long time. This is because a normal photo is printed on paper which begins to wear out almost immediately whereas photos printed on canvas will last for decades before ever showing the slightest sign of wear and tear.

Image This

But digital photos are not the only type of images we can transfer onto a canvas as we’ve been asked to produce canvas printings of vinyl album covers, boudoir type portraits, real estate renderings, fashion manufacturer’s featured products (to display in each of their stores), all sorts of interesting and creative ideas have come into our shop. In fact, any type of image can be printed onto canvas, the only limit being your imagination.

Let Influence Graphics turn your unique memories into masterpieces with canvas printing and see how easy it is to share your story with the world.

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