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Influence Graphics is Printing Despite Hurricane Sandy

Posted: November 19th, 2012 in ,

NYC Print Shop Influence Graphics Prepared for Disaster

Though New York City has rarely seen damage like that caused by Hurricane Sandy outside of a movie, digital printing shop Influence Graphics is still going strong. The Manhattan based location of our print shop put it right in the line of fire, but fortunately Influence Graphics escaped serious problems. The crippling superstorm that left the city a mess and shut down public transportation closed many of our competitors indefinitely.  A number of them suffered wind and water damage, crippling loss of power, and severe flooding.

Thankfully, Influence Graphics avoided the wrath of Sandy, reopening for business just two days after the storm. While the rest of the city was at a virtual standstill, our digital printing facility never lost power, leaving Influence Graphics able to provide New York City with desperately needed business and printing services. Though many of our employees had no power in their homes, and many commute from hard hit or far away areas like New Jersey, Long Island, Queens, and Westchester, the majority made it into work to serve our customers despite the large sections of NYC transit that remained inoperable.  Influence is grateful to have so many dedicated employees in our digital printing shop.

In the event of another catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy, Influence Graphics is well prepared. All our critical systems have redundant backups, and we backup all data offsite. We also have redundant phone and internet connections so that we (and our customers) can continue to communicate effectively. We’re ready for when disaster strikes so that we may continue to provide New York City the with top notch digital printing services even during the worst of times.





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