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Survival of small to medium sized printing companies

Posted: September 14th, 2012 in ,

Great article yesterday on WhatTheyThink.com about the future of small to medium sized printing companies.  Will Vistaprint do to the printing industry what Home Depot did to the local hardware store or what Walmart did to the local 5 and dime?  Worth reading the entire article but this excerpt below I thought was quite applicable to our digital printing business.

“Not only do the profit leaders operate more viable businesses they appear to be more relevant in the market and to their customers.  They display better adaptiveness in terms of their ability to change with the market and the environment.  They have built into their DNA an ability to endure hardships, perform at consistently high levels, and keep on going.”

At Influence Graphics we like change and we pride ourselves continually adapting to our customers changing needs.  We encourage our employees to question the way we do everything in our print shop, we have monthly meeting with the sales and production staff to ask questions about new trends they are seeing, new requests we’re getting and ideas on how to deliver better quality, do it faster and at a competitive price.  Adapting IS a part of our DNA here at Influence Graphics and we think it’s one of the reasons we’ve made the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for two years in a row!  Many people think the printing industry is dying but we understand that it’s just changing and those that understand the changing customer needs will grow and continue to be relevant to their customers.

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