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Why Commercial Printers Are Better Than Your Copy Machine

Posted: June 10th, 2013 in ,

Commercial Printers

Consider all the printed materials you encounter on a daily basis. I’m sure if you really think hard, this list will be quite long and include marketing materials such as booklets, letterhead, direct mailers, flyers, business cards, etc. Although these materials will come in all different designs, sizes, colors, thicknesses, etc., there is one thing they will have in common and that is that they all started from an idea and then moved to a design and finally to a printed product. Because of technology, commercial printers have been able to accelerate this process so that an idea can go from artwork onto printed paper in a matter of minutes whereas it used to take days or even weeks for this to happen. Even though it may seem like internal business presentations or projects are insignificant enough or too small to outsource to a printing shop, there are nevertheless great advantages in using such a service. Whether they use a digital or offset printing process, New York commercial printers offer several advantages to a business than using desktop printers. While most New York businesses utilize professional printing services, some remain unconvinced. This is why we offer the following seven reasons why a commercial printing shop is a smart choice when getting your business’s marketing materials printed.

Reason #1. Commercial Printers Get Better Results
In the same way that you know what you do for living inside and out, so do commercial printers know their business and, more importantly, how to take care of their customers. They know the different technical issues that will arise and how to handle them quickly and efficiently such as tips on improving your project’s design as well as it’s results. In short, they’ll help you create a better product and thus give you a peace of mind that one could not experience if they use an in-house printing method.

Reason #2. Commercial Printers Can Save You Money
It used to be that commercial printers could only save you money on large quantity orders but with modern digital printing technology, they can also save a business money on limited orders (i.e. short runs) as well because they are able to print out only what you need rather then a preset amount like in days past. Although it’s possible that you could save some money printing a project in-house, it’s also true that you’ll have to spend both time and effort doing so and that’s not necessarily a smart choice because if you had instead invested that time and effort into doing projects you have expertise in, think how much more you could have earned?

Reason #3. Commercial Printers Are Experts
The strength of a commercial printer is their printing expertise, just like the strength of a lawyer is knowing the law. Therefore, you should stick to doing what you know best instead of wasting time on tasks that you don’t have any expertise in. By taking advantage of the strengths that a commercial printing shop brings to the table, you’ll won’t have to concern yourself about how a printing job gets done only where, when and how fast it gets done.

Reason #4. Commercial Printers Provide More Options
Any commercial printer worth their weight is able to provide a wide variety of printing options that can cater to your project’s specific needs and specifications. For example, in-house printing methods cannot provide the ability to print brochures with a slot inside that holds business cards or UV coat the cover or even round the corners of a business card let alone die cutting. Get the idea?

Reason #5. Commercial Printers Know Graphic Designers
Unless your business has a full-time graphic designer on staff (and how many businesses do?), chances are that you are way over your head when it comes to designing your marketing materials to go head-to-head against your competition in the pursuit and retention of customers. Commercial printers have graphic design experts on hand who can help ensure that your printed materials not only look professional but they’ll help catch any last-minute mistakes which you may have overlooked.

Reason #6. Commercial Printers Will Save You Time
In the ultra competitive business environment of New York City, a business person’s time can be their most precious resource and dedicating a large chunk of it to printing small projects can eat up a significant amount of it. Therefore, using the services of a printing shop can allow you and your employees to save this valuable asset.

Reason #7. Commercial Printers Deliver
If you don’t have the time or inclination to run out in bad weather to pick up your project from the printer, no problem because most of them will drop all your finished product to either you or your client’s place of business. So if you’re New York business is looking for amazing marketing materials, your only real choice is to use a commercial printer such as Influence Graphics. Not only will we create professional results for your customers (and potential customers) to use but will do it fast and to your complete satisfaction.

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