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Money Saving Options When Printing Invitations

Posted: May 20th, 2013 in ,

Invitation Printing

Attractive looking invitations add a special if not personal touch to any wedding, shower, birthday, Bar Mitzvah or party you are throwing. Because of this, New Yorkers are increasingly turning to professional invitation designers for help in creating the perfect invitation. However, perfection can cost a lot of money so if you’re looking to get the most from your money when hiring invitation printing services in NYC, follow these five simple guidelines;

(1) Design It Yourself
Unless you want your invitations to have a “cookie-cutter” appearance, it’s best to avoid using templates to design your invitations. A better option would be to have you or someone you know create the design in Photoshop or another similar type of software package. One idea would be to search in Google Images under “wedding/shower/birthday invitations” or by browsing invitations on a website such as like Pinterest. Once you find a design direction you’re comfortable within, you (or whoever is designing your invitations) can make modifications to it to reflect your own personal style or ideas. Once you have your design, you can e-mail or drop it off at the printer for a price quote.

(2) Avoid The Little Extras
It goes without saying that the more sophisticated and intricate your invitations are, the more expensive they’re going to be. Try choosing one detail that will make your invitations stand out and avoid all the jackets, bows, hearts, ribbons, flowers and multiple layers of paper even though these tend to be quite popular. Not only will you avoid paying the extra cost for printing these extra niceties but there might also be hidden assembly fees and postage (if your invitations are mailed) associated with them as well.

(3) Ordering Extra
You are probably thinking that ordering more invitations/envelopes than you plan on sending out is counterproductive. Well, it’s not and that’s because there are always situations where extra invitations come in handy such as when we remember extra people to send invitations to at the last minute, have people say that they never received the invitation or have one or more invitations damage while addressing them. The cost of reprinting additional invites on a rush basis will far outweigh the costs of ordering a few extra invitations from the get-go.  With digital printing there is no minimum order size so you can order the exact quantity of invitations you decide on.

(4) RSVP Postcards
Rather than using a folded card and envelope as a way for your guests to RSVP, use a postcard instead. Not only will you save on printing costs, but you’ll save money in postage for each RSVP.  Always remember, it’s common etiquette for you to put a postage stamp on each RSVP postcard for the convenience of your guests. This also helps ensure that your guests will respond to your invitation in a timely manner.  You’ll want to  take a sample of your RSVP card to the post office to confirm what the correct postage postage is that should be applied. 

(5) Make More Room
If you plan on including a lot of information about your event in the invitations, use a fold over card as a way of having more details on the same card instead of being forced to print up larger ones. In addition, you can increase the amount of room on your invitations by not including the directions to the invitation card itself but rather on a separate insert card. Printing a separate directions card has the added advantage of allowing your guests to carry the directions card with them as a reference during their drive to your event.

Following these simple guidelines ensures that New Yorkers don’t spend more than necessary on invitation printing costs.

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