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5 Things To Consider When Hiring a NYC Banner Printing Company

Posted: April 02nd, 2013 in ,

Looking for a NYC Banner Printing Company?

If you’re interested in letting New Yorkers know about your product/service, company or event, one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing is a large format banner. After all, an attractive banner will not only serve to create public awareness of your business, organization or event but it will also serve to reinforce loyalty and create word-of-mouth for it as well.

The success of your banner printing job relies most of all on the printer you choose to handle the job. However, when deciding which banner printing company in NYC to use, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices of commercial printers available. Finding the right printer means choosing someone who will not only employ a strategy that gives you the most bang for your buck but also one that makes you confident that your banner will be compelling enough to attract customers or to attend your event. Here are some things to consider when choosing a printer to make your large format banners.

1. Know Your Printing Needs
Not all commercial printers are the same so you’ll save a lot of time by first knowing is much about what you need before picking up the phone and calling around for trying to find a suitable vendor. Begin asking yourself following questions;

 (a) Do I need a printer that will design the banner for me or will I layout my own banner? Designing your own banner will save you a nice chunk of change but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll be wasting far more money with a sloppy, unprofessional design that looks amateurish.

 (b) How fast will I need my banner(s) printed? Typically speaking, it usually takes several days or more to print out a finished banner but if you need them printed in less time, make sure you choose a printer that specializes in rush printing. It may cost more for fast service but you can’t put a price on getting and banner printed up in time for a business opening or a scheduled event.

2. Hire a Printer That Offers Excellent Customer Service
Good customer service means a lot more than saying “Please” and “Thank you”. It means choosing a company that takes the time to answer your questions. Any printer worth their weight in salt can give you a price quote over the phone but not everyone will walk you through the process so that you clearly understand all your options in getting the best banner printed that you can. Excellent customer service also means standing behind the product they produce so if anything goes wrong, they’ll fix it for you without giving you a hassle.

3. Hire a NYC Printer With a Solid Reputation
As with any business, the printer is only as good as their reputation. You can check a potential printer’s reputation several ways; asking for referrals, go online and read customer reviews or even looking at their client list. Whichever method you choose to use, it’s crucial to check up on your potential printer’s reputation via finding out about their history and experience, both in banner printing and in with their business in general. Finally, don’t be afraid to inquire about their experiences with completed jobs similar to yours.

4. Hire a Printer Who Will Work With You and Not Against You
Getting a large format banner printed can be a challenging project. Especially if you design the banner yourself, make sure your printer agrees to work closely with you (or whoever designs your banner) so as ensure that all the project’s specifications are met. Without proper communication in this area, the project can end up a mess so make sure that whoever you hire is available for phone or email support during normal business hours, if not 24/7.

5. What Type of Turnaround Does Your Job Require
Make sure you hire help me that can print your banner(s) in the timetable you require as many printers take several days to deliver promised work. Ask the printer if they will not only bring but deliver the banner(s) to you if necessary, or in the case of a trade show or convention, also find out if the printing company will handle the setup and if so, what time and at what specific location will workers show up to set up the various stand(s) and banner(s).

In summary, when hiring a New York City commercial printer to print your banner(s), make sure you first know what your needs before you start searching for a company to handle the job. Doing your homework beforehand can not only save you time and money but a lot of unnecessary headaches that of the results of hiring an unqualified printer to handle your work.

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