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Why Cutting Corners On Booklet Printing Can Hurt Your Business

Posted: April 08th, 2013 in

Booklet Printing

Every business owner is concerned with their image because they know that how customers (and especially potential customers) see them goes far in determining their business’s bottom line. After all, who wants to do work with a company that has every appearance of being unprofessional due to a booklet that looks like it was produced for a elementary school project?

We know that some Manhattan-based businesses become obsessed with  keeping their printing costs to an absolute minimum so instead of hiring a top quality New York City booklet printing company, they choose to go with  printers that advertise the lowest prices thinking this is the best way of controlling costs. However, being cheap with your marketing materials only puts one at risk of sacrificing sales as a result of a poor business image.

Printing booklets is different than printing letterhead, flyers or business card because booklets communicate the personality of your business. Booklets are designed to be used for reference purposes and therefore should last longer than other printed materials that are viewed once and then either tossed aside or thrown out altogether. Whether it’s how-to manuals, public relation kits or comprehensive reports, booklets are not unlike personal mementos in that they are much more likely to be kept around, reviewed and even referred to by more than one person.

More specifically, low-cost printing services for your booklets has these drawbacks as well;

1. Cheap booklets don’t last very long
Cheap booklets maybe inexpensive but they are only so because they use substandard materials, which means they will give a substandard impression to potential customers.  In some cases, cheap booklets use dry toner instead of liquid ink and the result is an inferior product . Cheap booklets also tend to use paper stock no thicker than what you might find in your office’s copy machine adding to an already unimpressive booklet. If you want your booklets to impress your customers, you need to invest in quality printing.

2. Cheap booklets make you look substandard
Your printed materials represent of your business in the eyes of the public, perhaps even more so with booklets. While in most cases, people will relate the quality of your printed materials to the way your company operates overall, other people will get the impression – consciously or unconsciously – from your poorly printed booklets that you’re not serious about the way you business treats its customers. This becomes even more of a factor with booklets as they are frequently used as public relations tools so printing cheap booklets could go a long way to tarnishing your corporate or professional image in the eyes of your audience.

3. Cheap booklets don’t inspire confidence
Everybody wants to feel confident that the person or company they are doing business with is trustworthy and credible. Knowing that, exactly how much confidence and trust will your company inspire in it’s customers when they pick up and read a book would which looks amateurish? Do you think anyone reading such a book would you trust the information they read inside? Unfortunately, most people really do judge a book by its cover and so accept this fact and avoid booklet printing campaigns that use substandard materials and methods. Your customers and potential customers will respond more positively if you do so.

If you’re looking to save money on both a booklet printing campaign, we here at Influence Graphics recommend that you save money by using our short run printing option.  Print digitally only the number of booklets that you need right now instead of being forced to print thousand by an offset printer who tells you “it’s economies of scale”.  You’ll end up throwing away a large number of those booklets that contain obsolescent or out of date information. You’ll save more money in the long run and manage your inventory better if your booklet printing campaign is done on demand allowing you to print out just enough booklets until you exhaust your current supply at which time you can then print out more, updating them as needed.

If you’re in need of fast, dependable booklet printers in New York City, give Influence Graphics a call at (212) 354-6123 and asked us how we can make your next booklet printing campaign a rousing success. Better yet, stop by our Manhattan office at 115 West 29th Street (8th Floor).  We’re always interested in making new friends!

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