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For New York Businesses, Digital Printing a Greener Way of Life

Posted: October 24th, 2012 in

Digital Printing is Green

Digital printing has a number of advantages over offset printing, among them speed, flexibility, and ability to print short runs economically. However, the biggest benefit of all may be to the environment – digital printing is surprisingly green. For any New York individual or organization concerned with their environmental impact, digital printing is the obvious choice.  As New York’s leading digital printer, Influence Graphics leads the way when it comes to green printing.

The digital printing process is much cleaner than offset printing.  It doesn’t require the use of heavy duty chemicals or post-print cleaning solutions that accompany offset Offset printing inkprinting. It doesn’t have the same waste disposal issues that plague offset printing. The inks used in offset printing can be highly noxious, and contain chemicals that result in polluting emissions known as volatile organic compounds. VOC emissions are carefully regulated by the government with the Clean Air Act. The digital printing process at Influence Graphics uses none of the hazardous air pollutants listed in the Clean Air Act, and emits virtually no VOCs.

Digital printing is also much less materially wasteful than offset printing. It doesn’t required the heavy aluminum plates used in offset printing, nor require the use of run through paper necessitated by the setup of an offset printing job. The affordability of short run printing with digital presses results in less paper usage – it’s now possible to print only what you need, rather than a large print run just to keep costs per item down.

The flexibility of digital printing means each piece can be customized with variable data, resulting in the ability to be judicious with your materials. Each mailer can be addressed to a specific recipient, and by reaching fewer people with the right, personalized message instead of using a mass blanket method, it’s possible to achieve better results with advertising. It also cuts down on materials utilized, which is better for the planet – and your wallet.

Using less energy than offset printing, digital printing is a greener way to go. Digital printing companies also make extensive use of recycled paper and environmentally Digital Printerfriendly substrates in their materials – all the paper stocks used at Influence Graphics contain some degree of recycled paper.

Digital printing is the most environmentally friendly way to produce printed material – and more and more, New York businesses are realizing this. With its advanced digital technology, Influence Graphics is the best destination for green printing in New York.  Influence Graphics remains committed to being an ecologically friendly company, and will continue to incorporate the latest green methods into its business practices going forward.

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