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Rush Deliveries to NYC Just Got Easier

Posted: July 10th, 2014 in

You may soon see our brand new delivery van zipping around the streets Manhattan delivering printed brochures, newsletters, posters, banners, business cards and much more.  The old Econoline gas guzzler has been retired and while it served us well making rush printing deliveries around the New York City area, it was time to upgrade.  Our new Nissan van gets double the mileage of our old van, is easier to maneuver around the streets of NYC and sports a new wrap design.  The wrap was printed on our HP 700, 98″ wide UV printer and laminated in our large format mounting department.  So give Richie (our driver) a wave if you see him cruising down your street.

And while we are talking about “new” how about our new Proof of Delivery tracking system.  All of our messengers and drivers have smart phones with an app that tracks their location in real time.  We can send new/updated delivery requests instantly to any messenger/driver and once they’ve made a delivery they capture a signature and even a picture of whom the package was handed to which all gets transmitted back to our delivery dashboard and sends the customer an email notifying them the delivery has been been (great when packages must be left in a messenger center).    The system even tell us the latitude and longitude coordinates where the package was left!  We love technology!




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