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New Year a Great Time for New Business Cards Printed at Influence Graphics NYC

Posted: January 10th, 2013 in

New Business Cards for the New Year

How long has it been since you last updated your business materials? The New Year is a great time to update your stale old business card, and no print shop in NYC provides better selection and service than Influence Graphics. Influence Graphics offers a few tips on business card design to make sure that your new cards get you noticed.

1)      Don’t be afraid to be colorful – A well-designed, eye catching business card makes a great first impression, and can lead to callbacks later on. A color business card is much more noticeable than the standard plain black and white. 


Be sure to use colors that complement each other to keep your business card visually pleasing. Avoid colors that are too bright or flashy, as these may stick out for the wrong reasons. Finally, it’s worth considering your company’s color schemes in other media. Matching your business card colors to these may help further your brand’s identity.


2)      Keep it simple – Don’t clutter your business card with busy graphics or unnecessary information. A business card is like a snapshot – it encapsulates your basic info in an easily digestible package. A simple, classic look is often the best way to go.


Don’t mix and match fonts, and be sure that all text is readable. Make sure the colors match, and avoid using printed borders, which often translate poorly when the cards are cut. Make sure you include your vital contact information to ensure that your business cards fulfill their purpose.  Non-standard sized business cards may be tempting, but these have the drawback of not fitting into a wallet, making them more disposable.


Finally, consider your business field when designing the card. Flashy business cards featuring images or nifty designs may work well in a creative industry, but if you’re in real estate or law, you may want to stick with a more conservative design.


3)      Don’t skimp on the quality – As we stated above, a business card is like a first impression. A card picked out of MS Office templates featuring a piece of clipart and printed on cheap paper sends the wrong message. It’s best to have someone with an eye for design create your business card to ensure a professional final product. Influence Graphics has a special creative team available to help the artistically challenged. We guarantee that you’ll love an Influence-designed business card.


Print and card quality is equally important. That’s why you should use a professional printer like Influence Graphics to print your business cards. We use high quality ink and toners and the best paper stocks available to provide customers with an exceptional product every time. Influence Graphics will create a business card that will get you noticed, even in NYC. Call today for more information!

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