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When New York needs Calendar Printing, It Goes to Influence Graphics

Posted: December 06th, 2012 in

The New Year is almost upon New York, and if you haven’t already,  it’s time to start thinking about calendar printing. At Influence Graphics, the sky is the limit when it comes to calendar printing. Whether you need 500 calendars with customized work schedules for your employees, or one special family calendar featuring pictures of your children and pets, Influence Graphics is the place for high quality calendar printing.

At Influence Graphics of New York, you can get your calendar printing products customized in any number of ways. Whether you need photo calendars, 12 month calendars, personalized calendars, holiday calendars, wall calendar, or some other type, Influence can help. The company offers a number of binding options, including wire, spiral, and saddle stitched. With a wide variety of paper choices available, and calendars available over any range of dates, the options are endless. If desired, Influence can print a calendar featuring customers own digital photographs. This type of calendar can make a truly special gift, reminding you of loved ones and cherished memories the whole year round.

Thanks to digital printing, no order is too small or too large at Influence Graphics. Even if you only need small quantities of your calendar, Influence Graphics can print them at an affordable price. Digital printing means avoiding the costly printing plates and setup times that accompany offset printing. It also means a quality product with bold, vivid colors, photo realistic images, and professional level text. And with digital printing, even if you’ve waited until December 30th to get your calendar printing taken care of, you’re in luck. Digital printing is fast – in many cases, orders can be printed overnight. Try getting anything else overnight in New York!

This year, get your calendars done right. With the calendar printing services available at Influence Graphics of New York, you can have any calendar you want printed at a professional level. Influence Graphics calendars match the quality of the store bought variety, and have all your prescheduled dates, customized entries, celebrated holidays, and other notable days already entered. Whether you need small quantities or large, Influence can give you quality calendar printing fast and afford-ably. Call today for more info!

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