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Why You Should Always Choose A Local Print Shop

Posted: May 13th, 2013 in

NYC Print Shops

In recent years there have been a plethora of online printing companies running ads which state that they’re just as good as the services offered by a local print shop. This could not be farther from the truth as the only way that online printers can compete with established, community-based printers is to engage in extreme hyperbole in their marketing campaigns, which explains why their claims are so over-the-top grandiose at best and openly deceptive at the worst.

The following are a list of phrases you’ll hear from many online printer’s advertising messages;

“We understand your business just as much as a local printer does” The fact of the matter is that local printing companies are a small business and as such, they are in a better position to understand other local small business owners and their unique printing challenges. Online printers only offer generic, one-size-fits-all solutions to complex problems that only another member of the business community can understand and appreciate such as the need for rush printing jobs by New York City businesses. Community-based print shop owners and employees understand both the flavor and personality of their particular community better than any online printer could.

“Our customer service is just as good as a local print shop” Very few online printers will backup this claim with proof because it’s so blatantly false that they would be caught in a red-faced lie. Not only can you walk into a local print shop and talk to the owner if you have a question about the best option for next printing job but try getting paper samples or print proofs from an overseas printer like you can with a local company. In addition, local printers cannot avoid taking your calls or answering your e-mails because they know that an irate customer could just show up at their shop to complain about a botched up printing job whereas overseas printers needn’t concern themselves with this. Even if they respond to your phone call, dealing with an answering service in Bangladesh as simply not going to give you the same level of customer service you can get by going to the printer down the street from you.

“We’re just as fast as local printing companies are” Local printers have a quicker turnaround time then their online counterparts do if, for no other reason, because they don’t need to ship your finished product, a process which can take several business days. In addition, brick-and-mortar printing shops can do test runs which enables them catch mistakes early on saving valuable time, especially on rush printing orders.  Many times the cost to ship your printed materials from a distant printer increases your costs significantly.

“You’ll have less problems with us then you will with a local printer” To begin with, should graphic design not be your strong suit, using a local printer can minimize design-based difficulties because local printer’s expertise this area can help reduce costly errors such as a bleed or trim along a border, textual typos or other such mistakes. Then after sending the project off to an online printer, you completely lose control of it. Some cases, online printers may give you a proof but that is not an iron clad guarantee of the quality of the finished product. Finally, online printers usually only accept payment will upfront with a credit card. If the printer happens to be overseas, you run the risk of having your information intercepted by an unscrupulous third party, something that is far less likely to happen when you had no your credit card to a print shop employee while you’re standing there watching the transaction taking place.

“We’re just as environmentally friendly as local print shops” Working with local print shops is better for the environment because it’s a practice that’s produces less emissions being generated due to no shipping being involved in the process. In addition, with a local printer you can opt to use FSC certified paper or biodegradable ink whereas with online printers you may or may not be able to request the type of paper and ink used in the printing of your job. In addition, you can also choose to work with a nearby brick-and-mortar printer that uses eco-friendly business practices such as minimizing water waste and disposing of inks properly.

So next time you need to need to use a commercial printer, remember that your best option is to go with a local print shop such as Influence Graphics. Not only do we offer the utmost in customer service (whether in person, online or over the phone) but we excel at rush printing jobs with minimum problems and can finish your project in the most environmentally friendly printing way possible. No question about it.

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