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Digital Printing the Specialty at New York City’s Best Printer

Posted: January 10th, 2013 in

New York City’s Best Printer

At Influence Graphics of New York City, commercial printing is made fast and easy, thanks to the latest in digital printing technology. Customers receive a full service experience and top quality on all printed materials. The exceptional business practices and outstanding products of Influence Graphics have led to the business being voted one of the top 100 printing companies in the US.

Known for its ability to meet clients’ needs, Influence Graphics offers digital printing services that allow the customer to have it their way. No matter the requirements, our print shop is the best printer for the job. Digital printing provides a flexibility previously unknown in commercial printing.

With the variable date component available on digitally printed items, it’s possible for each piece in an order to be individually customized. Mailers can be addressed specially to each recipient, or catalogs tailored to previous buying habits. The possibilities are limitless.

Digital printing can also be done affordably, without a need for the expensive printing plates or costly set up times involved in other types of printing. As such, it’s possible to order any amount of materials, from 10 to 10,000, and not pay a premium. In the past, customers had to order large numbers of items to keep the per unit cost feasible. The result could often be expensive, overwhelming, and potentially wasteful, with a closet full of outdated items. With digital printing, a customer can get the exact number of materials that they need.

Quick turnaround times are standard operating procedure at New York City’s best printer. Digital printing is very quick, with overnight completion available on most orders. At Influence Graphics, there are no lengthy waiting periods or delivery times like with an online printer. Printing is local, quick and simple.

Influence Graphics’ business model, quality printing, and exceptional customer service have received much recognition, including a spot on Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies list. Influence was also voted one of the Top 100 printing companies in the US by Quick Printing Magazine. The media has come to realize what many customers already have – that Influence Graphics is the best printer in New York City, no matter what the job.

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