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On Demand Printing

On Demand Printing = Just in Time Inventory

The term “on demand printing” refers to the notion of printing documents only when they are needed, as opposed to printing large quantities of documents and storing them on a shelf until they are needed.

On Demand Printing (sometimes called “Web to Print” or “Print on Demand”) involves publishing your documents that require frequent customization in an online storefront. Within the online “store”, customers can select templates of their documents and have the ability to alter the typeface, content and images within pre established guidelines (minimum text sizes, general document layout, branding restrictions, etc.). Your employees can browse through the catalog of products you have made available for customization. A typical example might be to set up a company store that allows employees to order stationery, business cards, flyers or even multi-page brochures. On Demand printing streamlines your marketing operations with a collateral management solution that eliminates the manual ordering, personalization, production, and fulfillment processes. End users located anywhere have access to a central store house of marketing collateral and promotional items and can create, edit, and order materials that fully comply with branding and regulatory requirements.On Demand Printing in New York City

Influence Graphics is the leading New York City, On Demand Printing expert. Our high quality digital presses can print your documents “on demand”, when you need them and in the quantities you demand. On Demand printing is good for the planet and good for your bottom line!

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