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Indigo Digital Press

Indigo Digital Press

HP Indigo Digital Press

The HP Indigo Digital Difference

With our HP Indigo digital offset press we can offer you the quality of true offset printing with the convenience of short run digital printing. What makes the Indigo so unique is the fact that is uses liquid ink and not toner as most other digital presses do. Ink on paper…just like true offset printing. HP’s ElectroInk is used in a CMYK configuration with the ability to add Pantone spot colors as a fifth color. The quality of the printing from our Indigo presses is superior to other digital presses and easily rivals (in many case surpasses) offset printing. Our press is calibrated every day and the system constantly monitors color output and makes minor adjustments throughout the day so that we can consistently reproduce accurate pantone colors. Check out our printed samples and see for yourself!

What is HP ElectroInk?
HP ElectroInk is a unique liquid ink (Liquid EP) that combines the advantages of electronic printing with the qualities of liquid ink. HP ElectroInk contains charged pigmented particles in a liquid carrier. Like other digital printing technologies, i.e. Dry EP (or Xerography), HP ElectroInk enables digital printing by electrically controlling the location of the print particles. However, unlike Dry EP, HP ElectroInk enables very small particle size, down to 1-2 microns. HP ElectroInk is supplied as a concentrated paste that is loaded into the press in tubular cartridges in a ‘clean hands’ operation. Inside the press it is fed into ink supply tanks and diluted with oil, to form a fluid mixture of carrier liquid and colorant particles ready for printing.

Here is a movie animation of how the HP Indigo digital press works


 See our digital printing press in action


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