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Large Format Printing


Lamination is a great way to protect your posters from the elements.  Film lamination adds longevity to materials that get frequent, heavy or long term use. It provides protection against fingerprints, smudges, scratches, moisture and also prevents color fading caused by UV light exposure.

We offer three main types (other specialized types available) of lamination:

UV Gloss makes the colors in your posters POP!  We use high grade, ultra clear polyester to offer the ultimate gloss finish and image enhancement.

UV Satin softens your image without flattening it but keeps the colors rich. This low reflecting finish virtually eliminates glare and protects from fading and handling. Satin finish is ideal for displays that demand a great view at any angle.

UV Matte lamination tends to dull the image and mutes the colors and gives glare-free look.

We offer lamination in many thicknesses for different levels of protection depending on your application.  The most common thicknesses are 1.7mil, 5mil and 10mil thick and can be applied to either to one side or used to encapsulate your image.     When prints are laminated and mounted to foam board, the combined product provides an extra rigidity to the otherwise fragile print.  

 Film Lamination is perfect for:

  • Poster Lamination
  • Point-of-purchase counter displays
  • Photo Lamination
  • Restaurant Menus Lamination
  • Laminated ID Cards
  • Laminated Event Badges
  • Laminated Luggage Tags