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Brochure Printing

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Every business needs a brochure! You’re nobody without one!

Brochures tell the world who you are and what you have to offer. If it looks good, you look good. Influence Graphics can make your company or organizational brochure stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a trifold, z fold, gate fold or a saddle stitched full color brochure we can print it fast, with the highest quality!


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Common Styles:

  • Single Fold Brochure

  • Tri Fold (Letter Fold) Brochure

  • Tent Fold Brochure

  • Gate Fold Brochure

  • Accordian Fold (Z-Fold) Brochure

  • Roll Fold (Barrel Fold) Brochure

  • Parallel Fold Brochure

  • Saddle Stitched Brochure

  • Perfect Bounds Brochure

  • Spiral Bound Brochure

  • Wiro Bound Brochure

  • GBC Bound Brochure

  • Stapled Brochure

No matter what type of brochure you need printed, Influence Graphics provides the highest quality brochure printing service in the New York City area. Our digital presses produces offset quality results without the need for plates. This allows us to print small quantities of your brochures quickly and at reasonable cost.

With Influence Graphics there is no need to print large quantities of your company brochure. We are the print on demand specialists. Order just the number of brochures that you need now and when your current supply is depleted, you can update your brochure if you like, and then print more. No more obsolescent brochures sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.

Want highly targeted personalized brochures? At Influence Graphics we can add a variable data component into your brochure printing. Imagine a brochure that is not only personalized with your prospects name but a brochure which also contains customized images and messaging based on the prospects demographics. It’s called one to one marketing… one customized brochure with a message targeted directly to one specific customer/prospect. Brochures that influence your customers… available at Influence Graphics!

Need rush printing? Many of our customers need brochures printed in a rush. Influence Graphics can produce your brochure overnight or even the same day if needed! If you are located in NYC, stop by, say hi and pick up your rush brochure in person… we’d love to meet you!

Not all brochure printers in New York City are the same. Some printers use toner based copiers to print your brochures and the results can be questionable. Other printers will print your brochures on an offset press but that can take 7 days or more and require you to print much larger quantities of your brochures than you really need (hey, aren’t we suppose to be going green?) which is very wasteful. Digital printing by Influence Graphics offers you the speed and convenience of digital printing with the quality of offset printing. The best of both worlds!

Don’t have a brochure and don’t know where to go to get one designed? Our Influence Communications Group (www.influencecreative.com) have the creative expertise to craft a brochure that will present your company or organization as the leader in it field! Brochures that influence… created at Influence Communications!




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