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Manual Printing

manual printing

Influence Graphics can print your manuals in short runs with fast turnaround and very high quality!

Do you need small quantities of printed manuals for your products? Maybe you need training or new hire manuals. At Influence Graphics we can print your manuals in short runs with fast turnaround and very high quality. Influence Graphics also offers you a wide range of binding options for your manuals. You can choose from perfect binding, wiro, or GBC binding. Influence Graphics is your New York City resource with the ability to get your manuals printed no matter what quantities you need and no matter how fast you need them!



From start to finish, manuals printed by Influence Graphics show the way!

Small or large quantities – on demand!

Manual Types:

  • Product Manuals

  • Event Manuals

  • How-to Manuals

  • Departmental Manuals

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Program Manuals

  • Emergency Manuals

  • Procedural Manuals

  • Step-by-Step Manuals

  • Exhibit Manuals

By printing your manuals “on demand” you save storage costs.  It is estimated that over 30% of all printed materials get thrown in the trash because they become obsolete.  This is particularly true with manuals.  Simply make one small fine print change and all the manuals stored on your shelves are no longer useable.  The money spent printing those manuals is now wasted.  Short run digital printing allows you to order only what you need now.  Print smaller quantities as often as you need them.


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