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So you have finally completed translating your incredible idea into the most informative and compelling PowerPoint presentation ever.  It is truly your best work.  There is not doubt that the people you are about to present to will be amazed. You go to print it on your home or office printer.  And somehow, it just doesn’t look the way you envisioned it.

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That’s where we at Influence Graphics enter the picture.  Our PowerPoint printing capabilities are a match for your ideas and thoughts.  We cut our company’s teeth on Powerpoint deck printingpresentation printing.  Pitch book printing and presentation printing on the most sophisticated and efficient printing platforms available today are the mainstays of our business.  Color laser printing is as much of an art as a science today.  Our professionals have years of experience making sure your output is clearly and dynamically presented. Quality Power Point printing requires professionals who ask the right questions, understand what you want to accomplish and then can help make your Power Point presentation be a success.

Perhaps it’s a pitch book that you and your colleagues have toiled for what seems like hundreds of hours on that needs to be professionally printed.  Pitch book printing is a core competency of Influence Graphics.  We continue to work with many of the leading New York City financial and investment firms on their pitch book printing and presentation printing projects.  We understand the requirement to have pitch books printed 100% correctly, and to have them ready when you need them, not a minute later.

Our PowerPoint and pitch book printing process also includes a sophisticated quality control process. We constantly monitor the pages as they as exit the printer, ensuring correct pagination for your PowerPoint or pitch book presentation.  Then, as the collated pages are being assembled in our finishing process, we do another quality check.  We know that each and every PowerPoint and pitch book presentation needs to be absolutely perfect.  This way, you are able to focus on your ideas, not on the quality of the printed product you are distributing.  We take pride in knowing that each and every page or your PowerPoint or pitch book presentation is just the way you want it.

Powerpoint Deck Printing from Influence Graphics

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