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Printing in New York

If you find yourself in need of printing in New York City it can be a challenge figuring out which printing company to turn to. Most commercial printers specialize in a particular type of printing which might include offset printing, digital printing,large format printing, flexo (packaging) printing, web printers (typically books), transactional printers (credit card bills), letterpress printers (high end wedding invitations) and much more.  So unless you have some background in the printing process it can be a daunting challenge to know which type of printer is best suited for your particular printing project.

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Of course you always want the best quality printing for your project. After all, you probably going to hand out your printed materials to a customer or someone else who is extremely important to your success and the quality of the printed materials you put in that person’s hands reflects on you.  Hand that person a low quality product and youPrinting in New York City can’t expect them to think highly of you.  Conversely, put extremely well thought out and well printed materials in your customers hands and it CAN make the difference in your success.  Working with a local New York City printing company with a reputation for quality printing can provide comfort in knowing that the NYC printer you are dealing with understands that their reputation is at stake.  You can also check online reviews for the company to feel secure that you are dealing with a reputable company.  We encourage you to check out the reviews for Influence Graphics.  We work hard at pleasing our customers and we think it shows in the reviews we get from our satisfied customers.  We’re a professional printer and we will give you professional results!  Of course we think we are the best printer in New York City but we’ll let you be the judge for yourself.

You always have the option of finding an online printer but you never know what your going to get back when you send your files off to a printing company that you know nothing about in a far away place.  Most of those printers concentrate on volume and not quality, that’s how they offer cheap rates. Of course, because their facilities are in a far away place you might want to find out what the cost will be to ship your printed materials to you.  Often it’s as much or more than the actual cost of printing and you usually have to wait several days to receive your materials sincePrinting in New York it’s expensive to ship overnight.  Online printers tend to only want to print jobs that fits into some standardized size and shape.  Most won’t even give you the option of uploading a custom print job.

At Influence Graphics, we are here to help guide you through the printing process.  Our expert customer service representatives will analyze your printing needs and suggest the best method and options for your particular needs.  If you don’t understand what CMYK or bleed or coated versus uncoated paper stocks means to your printing project, we’ll explain the options and how to get the best value for your money while always delivering the highest quality printing in New York City.

With the pace of business today you may find yourself in a situation where you need rush or overnight printing.  We are the rush printing experts here in New York City.  Get us your files today and we will print them overnight and have them ready for you the next day.  Same day printing is even an option if you are in a real hurry.  You can even pick up your printed materials at our convenient midtown, Manhattan office.

Benefits of using a New York City based printer:quality printing in new york

  • If you need it really fast you need a local printer, there is no time to wait around and hope FedEx shows up on time
  • We’re local and value our reputation in the marketplace where we do business
  • Stop by our midtown Manhattan office and check out the quality of our printing
  • Shipping costs from online printers based in remote cities can end up costing as much or more that your actual printing costs

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