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Sell Sheet Printing

Sell Sheet Printing

Sell Sheets Get Your Message Into Your Customers Hands

Sometimes called handouts, or flyers; sell sheets are typically one or two sided, single page, 8.5″x11″ printed pieces that contain pictures and detailed data about your product or service. Whether you hand the sell sheets out at a trade show or on the sidewalk in front of your business, you want the sell sheet to be high quality in both it’s Print Sell Sheetsdesign and printing. The quality of your sell sheet will impact the impression a potential customer has about your business. Customers like sell sheets as they provide a reference material that they can hold onto and refer back to as they make their purchasing decision. Sometimes sell sheets are included as part of a “sales kit” or “press kit” that incorporate other documents associated with the product or service. Sell Sheets are a simple and inexpensive way to promote your business. Whether you need large or small quantities of sell sheets, Influence Graphics in the leader in sell sheet printing in New York City.

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Don’t have a sell sheets and don’t know where to go to get one designed? Our Influence Communications Group (www.influencecreative.com) have the creative expertise to craft a sell sheet that will present your company or organization as the leader in it field! Sell Sheets that influence… created at Influence Communications!

Sell Sheet Printing in NYC from Influence Graphics

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