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Who We Serve

  • Fortune 500

    Fortune 500

    Influence Graphics has a proven track record partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide a wide array of graphic and printing services.

  • Small / Medium Business

    Influence Graphics is a local printing company based in New York City and our goal is make you a long term customer.   When it’s your business on the line don’t trust your printing to a company you’ve never met, located in a place you’ve never heard of and whom you can’t even get on the phone to help with a question.

  • Trade Shops

    Trade Shops

    Influence Graphics has been a pioneer in digital printing in New York City.  We currently do trade work for many of New York City’s leading printers. We provide our trade accounts with high quality digital sheet fed printing as well as large format printing and we’d like to be your trade printer as well.