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Small / Medium Business

Small and medium sized businesses have smaller digital printing requirements.   In these challenging economic times it’s not easy running a business, especially one here in New York City.  One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is how to market their products and services. Often marketing a small business requires some kind of printing.  Whether it’s simple business cards, a flyer, brochures, booklets, catalogs or even direct mail postcards, it can sometimes be a daunting task to get high quality printing done in small enough quantities.  You might be an expert in your business, but probably not a printing expert.  If you’re like many people you have no idea what terms like CMYK, bleed or a variety of other print terms mean.  Influence Graphics makes ordering your printed materials easy.  Just call or email one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives and they can walk you through the printing process.  They can recommend paper stocks and finishing options as well as help you determine what type of printing press will give you the best results for your money.   We take the guesswork out of the printing in New York City!

And you don’t have to order large quantities of your printed materials.  Those days are long gone.  We can print exceptionally high quality documents in any quantity that meets your immediate needs.  Printing smaller quantities gives you the ability to update your materials as market conditions change.  No more obsolete documents being carted off to a landfill.  Go green with short run digital printing!

We are a local printing company, based right here in New York City and our goal is make you a long term customer.  We know that there are plenty of online printing websites that offer lots of teaser pricing (only to have you find out the shipping cost is more than the actual printing costs) or tell you that you have to wait a week to receive your materials (hey, we’re New Yorkers too so we understand you need it yesterday).  When it’s your business on the line don’t trust your printing to a company you’ve never met, located in a place you’ve never heard of and whom you can’t even get on the phone to help with a question.

So give us a call and let us show you how we can Influence the growth of your business! 


Influence Graphics provides a full range
of print production services including:


  • Digital Printing
    • On demand printing
    • Short run printing
    • Variable data printing (personalization)
  • Offset printing
    • Long run printing
    • Oversized document printing
  • Large Format Printing
    • Posters
    • Banners
    • Conference signage
  • Full In House Finishing  & Bindery
  • In House Messengers and Van Delivery