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Signs are the one of the most affordable means of advertising for many small businesses.

The businesses environment in recent years has become highly competitive.  Every business competes with its rivals for the attention of potential customers.  To succeed, a business must be able to communicate to customers quickly and effectively about the products or services it offers.  A sign advertises the goods or services you are selling and need to be part of your branding and marketing strategy. Signs help people remember your business name and creates brand recognition. People tend to buy from businesses they know, so use signs to build your brand and reach out to potential new customers.

Signage is a business’s primary way to communicate to customers.  This is true whether the sign’s purpose is to promote impulse buying or to create awareness for the product or service for future reference. 

  • Signs build your business brand
  • Signs give information
  • Signs are street advertising
  • Signs provide directions

Influence Graphics provides many types of signage for small/medium businesses